Whether it is theft, vandalism or even sabotage, we protect our customers’ properties from such dangers and secure their internal processes.

In addition to access control, the documented security control aisles and the monitoring of alarm systems (e.g. building management systems), the control of compliance with occupational safety regulations and much more is also part of it.

Our security services for property protection:

  • Protection against vandalism and criminal damage
  • Status control of property for damage avoidance
  • Regular inspection of doors and gates
  • Ongoing inspection of barriers and fences
  • Surveillance of parking areas
  • Protection against unauthorised access
  • Lock-up service
  • Inspection of utilities and services
  • Checking of traffic facilities
  • Rescue and emergency service
  • Co-operation on fire protection, environmental protection and industrial health and safety

Our property protection measures include the deterrence of potential perpetrators and the general prevention of danger, with the goal of maintaining your operations.

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