We guard buildings, properties and construction sites, with our security personnel conducting entry checks as well as reception services with security inspections at official and unofficial entrance points..

The spectrum of our security services comprises full security solutions, which may have different focal points depending on requirements and co-ordination with the customer. From classic property protection to plant protection and building site security, we offer security services that include planning and realisation via qualified personnel and modern technology.

Here, too, we can support you with our security services:

Property Protection

Plant Protection

Building Site Security

Guarding asylum accommodation

Protection of public institutions

Our security measures

We primarily offer guarding via our personnel. Here we use, amongst others, the OWKS online guard control system, which assists us in the planning of our inspection patrols and provides us with real-time monitoring of current patrols as well as automatic reporting of unplanned occurrences in the course of patrols.

Our security personnel

In our property protection, building and construction site security we place particular emphasis on the qualification of our employees. An assured presence, friendliness, communication skills and sensitivity to outer appearances are important to us. Because not only do we protect you, we are also your external face.

Organisational guarding measures

  • We undertake night shifts, weekend shifts and shifts on public holidays.
  • We use guard plans to ensure seamless monitoring via our personnel.
  • Guard relief is important to us, as it prevents the guarding personnel from becoming overly tired.
  • We also take exacerbating conditions such as extreme heat or gold into consideration when scheduling our personnel.

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