Valuable art objects and antique exhibits are coveted prey, but also targets of destructive attacks again and again. Whether it’s a cloakroom, cash desk or exhibition room, we provide you with the right supervisory staff for the task at hand, because our employees have a high degree of experience in dealing with visitors of different shades.

In addition, we also look after the control centres for connected alarm systems, cash register surveillance and video surveillance of the exhibition rooms.

Our security services for the protection of public institutions:

  • Reception service with admission controls
  • Inspection of doors and gates
  • Control of barriers
  • Protection against unauthorised access
  • Lock-up service
  • Rescue and emergency service
  • Involvement in fire protection
  • Surveillance service

Organisational guarding measures

  • We undertake night shifts, weekend shifts and shifts on public holidays.
  • We use guard plans to ensure seamless monitoring via our personnel.
  • Guard relief is important to us, as it prevents the guarding personnel from becoming overly tired.
  • We also take exacerbating conditions such as extreme heat or gold into consideration when scheduling our personnel.

Do you need more security? Let us talk about that!

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