Whether fairs, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events or folk festivals, we give you the security that the course of your event will not be disturbed and you achieve full success. Whether indoor or outdoor, we take care of admission controls, protect artists or speakers and offer an all-round security service.

Our focus is on targeted de-escalation and the confident appearance of our staff. Our staff consist of trained, motivated employees for all areas, whom we carefully select based on the required tasks and the type and size of the event.

Our core competences include:

Event Security

Security Concepts for Events

Event Security

The staging of marketing events, fairs, congresses, sporting and cultural events involves a range of challenges regarding the safety of visitors and those involved. Events are increasingly becoming the target of attacks, with a latent risk becoming shocking reality.

Are you responsible for security, fans and prevention at your events (sporting event, open-air event, concert, carnival etc.)? With our security service we ensure safe conditions and prerequisites for your successful event.

At open-air concerts in particular, our activities are divided into four areas:

  • Admission control of visitors, including patting-down and bag inspections
  • Fence monitoring and ongoing inspection of escape routes
  • Securing of stage area
  • Protection of artists in backstage area

Security concepts for events

The significance of prevention and security at major events is illustrated with the following example: if a panic reaction occurs in extreme cases, with uncontrolled fear and sudden attempts to escape, there are few options with which to react. In this moment each security employee is required to adopt a role, act in an interdisciplinary manner and be able to communicate effectively. This needs to be learned, trained and prepared. Only in this way is it possible to act correctly in an escalation situation.

Prevention means creating secure and safe conditions and intervening as early as possible to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

We advise you and draw up a suitable security concept for your individual event.

Using a weak point analysis, we find the right security concept for you:

  • What dangers or risks are present?
  • What audience is expected, what kind of disturbance can be expected of them?
  • Does the event itself present dangers or risks?
  • Do current events, weather, number of participants, site conditions, time, reporting or celebrities have an impact on the security/safety situation?
  • What have the latest experiences with similar occasions been?

Do you need more security? Let us talk about that!

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