With our plant protection we offer our customers an internal security service for their companies. The general assignment of plant protection is to maintain security and order and protect the plant and its employees from danger and harm.

Our employees are familiar with the use of fire and burglar alarms, video surveillance and fault alarms. They act in the scope of your security management system.

Our plant protection security services

Depending on the designation of plant protection tasks, we offer security services including the following:

  • Prevention of loss to the company via theft, misappropriation, damage to property by third parties
  • Manning of an alarm centre
  • Identification and reporting of dangers
  • Regular inspection patrols on the company premises
  • Intervention in the event of alarms sounding
  • Reporting and notification
  • Protection of classified information, prevention of espionage and sabotage
  • Investigation service

General industrial health and safety

As a security company, we also ensure industrial health and safety within the plant, respectively offices:

  • Preventive fire protection
  • First-aid services
  • Inspection of hazardous work (e.g. hot work) within the plant and drafting of permits where applicable
  • Monitoring the movement of materials and objects into and within the plant
  • Monitoring and inspection of machines and diverse plant
  • Monitoring of technical equipment via IT and reporting in the event of malfunction

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