Working in refugee accommodation calls for a particular degree of sensitivity from security personnel. They are not only required to ensure security in the asylum-seeker homes, but above all to make sure that the atmosphere amongst the refugees is peaceful. Our security employees are often involved in organisational processes and consequently work closely with public authorities, amongst other bodies. They act as contacts for the residents and maintain order within the home.

We therefore place great value on the communication skills of our employees. Coupled with well-developed social skills, this enables many conflicts to be identified at an early stage and resolved accordingly. Some of our employees also have the necessary language skills, which facilitates many procedures. Regular, property-specific training is carried out by our experienced lecturers on site.

The FGS manages numerous refugee homes. These range from communal accommodation to establishments with up to 1,600 residents. In addition to the statutory qualifications, the personnel assigned here also have training in the following specialist security services:

  • Admission and vehicle access controls
  • Gate services
  • Paramedic/first-aid
  • Fire protection/evacuation assistant
  • De-escalation training
  • Intercultural skills

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