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FAIR GUARDS Security is the expert in the short-term provision of security solutions for large to medium-sized companies. Fair and flexible in line with our motto: There is always a solution. As one of the largest providers of security services in Hessen, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, we offer companies almost all relevant security services professionally and fairly from a single source.

Plant and property protection

Whether it is theft, vandalism or even sabotage, we protect our customers’ properties from such dangers and secure their internal processes.

In addition to access control, the documented security control aisles and the monitoring of alarm systems (e.g. building management systems), the control of compliance with occupational safety regulations and much more is also part of it.

Reception services

Friendliness and competence are the key qualifications of our employees at the reception of your company. Because it is they who give your arriving guests a first impression of your company and guide them quickly and safely to the desired contact. We would also be happy to look after the operation of your telephone switchboard and the monitoring of alarm systems.

With training programmes, we create sensitivity among our reception staff for serious appearance, appealing manners and representative uniforms.

Guarding asylum accommodation

Deployment in refugee shelters requires a special degree of sensitivity. Employees are often involved in organisational processes and therefore work very closely with authorities, among others. They serve as contact persons for the residents and ensure that order is maintained within the property.

That is why we attach great importance to the communication skills of our employees. Coupled with healthy social competence, many conflicts are recognised early on and solved accordingly. Some of the employees also have the necessary language skills, which makes many processes easier. Regular property-specific training courses are held by our experienced instructors on site.

Building site security

Accidents, material theft and vandalism are the most frequent dangers on construction sites. We can prevent this on the one hand by strictly controlling the entry of persons, vehicles and containers, and on the other by regularly inspecting and monitoring the fencing and the sensitive areas, e.g. the material and machine storage areas.

The clothing of our employees is of course adapted to the increased risk of accidents at the construction site. They also have knowledge of first aid and fire protection. Our employees are on duty in all weathers. Because security monitoring knows no break.

Event security

Whether fairs, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events or folk festivals, we give you the security that the course of your event will not be disturbed and you achieve full success. Whether indoor or outdoor, we take care of admission controls, protect artists or speakers and offer an all-round security service.

Our focus is on targeted de-escalation and the confident appearance of our staff. Our staff consist of trained, motivated employees for all areas, whom we carefully select based on the required tasks and the type and size of the event.

Guarding public facilities

Valuable art objects and antique exhibits are coveted prey, but also targets of destructive attacks again and again. Whether it’s a cloakroom, cash desk or exhibition room, we provide you with the right supervisory staff for the task at hand, because our employees have a high degree of experience in dealing with visitors of different shades.

In addition, we also look after the control centres for connected alarm systems, cash register surveillance and video surveillance of the exhibition rooms..

Personal security

The life and limb of your decision-makers, your own person or family members are our most valuable asset and our most sensitive area of responsibility. Our experienced personnel for personal protection are specially trained for higher risk situations.

We plan protective measures in detail in consultation with the persons, authorities and institutions to be protected. The highest discretion for this sensitive task is a matter of course for us.

Chauffeur services

Stress-free, comfortable transportation to your business or private appointment saves you valuable time. We can provide you with a driver who is also a trained security employee. He will bring you reliably, comfortably and safely to your destination.

You can choose between different vehicles and have the certainty of being in safe hands.


Security advice

For companies
Advice and training

We offer you organisational, personnel and support services,
technical or even structural solutions.

For private persons
Personal and discreet

In addition to direct personal protection, we also secure your private property.


FAIR GUARDS Security offers you long-term perspectives in a growing industry. Our company has enjoyed an excellent reputation for years, which has developed so positively not least thanks to our team. In addition to fair payment and appreciative interaction, we offer you development opportunities through in-house training and seminars.

You need more security? Let us talk about that!

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