Your goods or your data arrive safely at their destination

If the transport of important security-relevant economic goods or business-critical data via parcel services is too delicate for you, you can use our accompanied transport. It is used for transport by freight forwarder as well as for small transports, for example for data carriers.

Even if the transport is subject to your customers’ safety requirements or if you do not want to trust the forwarding agent, our team can accompany you.

GPS tracking ensures that you as the client know where your transport is at any time. The driving is done with an escort so that transport vehicle and escort are never separated.

With the accompanied transport, your goods are never left out of sight for as long as they are in transit. At the same time, any theft or robbery attempts during transport are prevented.

Depending on the type of order, the escort vehicle can be discreetly concealed or completely official in consultation with all parties involved. Optionally, arming or complete documentation of the transport is possible.

If you have any questions on accompanied transport, please write to us.

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