The gate service comprises the control of passing individuals and vehicles at points of access to buildings and sites together with roads into company or works premises. Within the scope of this we also offer reception services for guests and visitors. The objective is the control and authorisation of access to the site, respectively the building.

Our security personnel undertakes admission and vehicle access controls manually or with the aid of partially or fully automated access control systems. The processing of visitors, for example with visitor passes or visitor ID, is undertaken reliably by our security staff.

Gate service, including:

  • Reception service including telephone service
  • Creation of visitor ID and replacement ID for employees
  • Access control of individuals
  • Vehicle access control
  • Inspection of shipping documents
  • Keeping of a guard book

Processing and monitoring of freight traffic:

  • Control of load securing measures
  • Traffic services
  • Control of vehicles of third-party companies entering and leaving the site
  • Recording of suppliers in lists or via IT

Further reception services

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