Protection from theft caused by your own staff

Theft or loss of goods through staff is a problem for many companies and studies show that these offences cause total annual losses in the billions for German companies.

To prevent theft of products, spare parts or documents, we recommend that you use our “Bag Checks” service. It is mainly used by retailers, logistics companies and freight forwarders but some companies where part of the workforce consists of temporary workers also use bag checks.

At the end of the working day, our staff check your employees’ bags for their contents. Alternatively, bag checks can also be carried out randomly, for example through a locker check or checks at irregular times. In the event of suspicion, the personnel department or the line manager is informed.

Bag checks by external staff offers you a higher level of security. It also increases the acceptance of this usually unpopular measure.
If you have any questions about bag checks, please call us on or write to us.